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Book review: Trillion Dollar Coach

Let’s start with the good things about the book Trillion Dollar Coach: it’s short.

Book cover for Trillion Dollar Coach, the leadership playbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell

Okay, it’s also a good reminder that some people think of Silicon Valley as a meritocracy (er, it’s not). The forward by Adam Grant informs us that Bill Campbell refused to let anyone write a book about him or his methods while he was alive. Well, he passed away in 2016 so now he doesn’t get a say about it.

Want a quick skim? My whole, cringe-worthy Twitter thread is here:

Review by Abi Jones

Abi Jones is the UX Manager for Imaging & Diagnostics in Google Health. She leads an interdisciplinary team of researchers and designers focused on using artificial intelligence to assist in diagnosing cancer and preventing blindness.
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