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41 ideas for inclusive team swag

Inclusive swag means no t-shirts

I don’t have many mementos to show for my 5 years on Google’s Search team. When we launched Kennedy, Google’s first design system, the ‘women’s cut’ t-shirt was a baby doll style that bared my belly button. It was an embarrassment. I never wore the shirt and eventually donated it to my local Goodwill. From then on I asked for a Men’s Large every time I was offered a t-shirt and now my husband has a larger collection of Google shirts than I do.

Being excluded from the most basic form of swag made me feel like I wasn’t really a part of the team. It was a small thing, but it hurt every time I saw a colleague in a shirt that I earned, but now that I’m a manager, I can ensure that my team’s swag is inclusive and that we can all be a part of the celebration.

Customizable inclusive swag

  1. Backpacks from Timbuktu
  2. Stickers
  3. Turkish towels
  4. Pencil pouches
  5. Notebooks
  6. Blankets
  7. Lapel pins
  8. Badge holders
  9. Monogram mugs
  10. Water bottles or mugs from Corkcicle or MiiR
  11. Nike shoes (yes, they’re customizable)
  12. Pennants from Oxford Pennant
  13. Socks
  14. Cable organizers (see them on Etsy)
  15. Coozies
  16. Cutting boards
  17. Hats (cozy beanie, baseball cap)
  18. Vinyl decals
  19. Kitchen towels
  20. Custom post-it notes
  21. Sleep masks
  22. Phone cases with their favorite places (see Etsy)
  23. Wooden spoons
  24. Dopp kits
  25. Bunting (see Etsy)
  26. Desk name plates (Etsy again)
  27. Coasters

Off-the-shelf inclusive swag

  1. Plants (How to do office plants)
  2. Pencil pouches
  3. Lapel pins
  4. Monogram mugs
  5. Bamboo reusable coffee cups from Ekobo
  6. Portable phone chargers (I’ve been using this myCharge charger for 2 years!)
  7. Headphones
  8. Socks
  9. Cable organizers (see them on Etsy)
  10. Notebooks
  11. Pens
  12. Packing cubes (great for a research team that travels)
  13. Bluetooth speaker
  14. Monogram stationery
  15. Face masks

By Abi Jones

Abi Jones is the UX Manager for Imaging & Diagnostics in Google Health. She leads an interdisciplinary team of researchers and designers focused on using artificial intelligence to assist in diagnosing cancer and preventing blindness.

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